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Underfloor heating and cooling systems for industrial spaces.
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Optimized I/O Heating and Cooling for Your Industrial Spaces

Large facilities like industrial halls and sports halls have long been known for their challenges in maintaining comfortable temperatures, often experiencing excessive cold in winter and intense heat in summer. Traditionally, heating and cooling these spaces with conventional systems has proven to be difficult and costly.

However, there are now more efficient and cost-effective alternatives available to address these concerns.

Unlike convection systems like forced-air heating, hydronic radiant systems offer a distinct advantage. By utilizing heat transfer between people and the ground surface, these systems create a comparably warmer and more comfortable environment.

Hydronic radiant heat is achieved through the installation of water pipes directly into the floor, wall, or ceiling structure. This ensures that heat is distributed evenly across surfaces, providing warmth precisely where it is needed – beneath your feet and around you.

As a result, you can maintain a lower thermostat setting without sacrificing comfort, leading to reduced energy consumption and lower operational expenses.

Similar to how a hydronic heating system evenly distributes warmth by circulating hot water beneath the surface, the same principle applies to hydronic cooling. By circulating cold water, hydronic cooling systems ensures even and efficient cooling throughout large industrial halls and sports halls.

Compared to cooling fans or air conditioning units, our hydronic cooling system requires less energy, making it a more economical choice. Furthermore, the flow of cold water beneath the surface helps maintain a cooler interior for an extended duration.

From initial design and product specification, installation and technical support, we have all the experience and expertise to provide detailed schematics and installation systems ensuring that you have a problem free and safe installation.

Comfortable and Energy Efficient

With the installation of a hydronic radiant heating and cooling system, you can enjoy a clean and comfortable solution that offers exceptional energy efficiency and design flexibility.
Large industrial and sports halls often face temperature extremes, making them uncomfortable in winter and summer.

This is an absolute spatial freedom and optimum building utilization. Industrial underfloor heating systems are installed directly in the concrete slab of the floor structure. It is possible to utilize the steel reinforcement normally integrated into the concrete slab as support for the heating pipes. Heat can be supplied by all standard heating sources for industrial buildings.

To ensure maximum performance, sports underfloor heating systems ensure the optimum indoor climate. In sports halls it is important to ensure a pleasant indoor climate that supports the best possible performance. Underfloor heating systems are laid invisibly in the floor. Therefore, there are no disturbing system components such as radiators. Sports heaters are maintenance-free and ensure low operating costs.

The fact that underfloor heating is the most sustainable and economical central heating system is not the only reason why it is used more and more in commercial and public buildings. It is ideal for area’s with high ceilings like entrance halls and atria as heat is generated from the ground up and not from the ceiling down.

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